Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort


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12/23/2020 1:21:25 AM

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Christoph on 11/13/2021
Salam, We are in Iran from 10th to 15th December. What is the probability that you will be open during this period? Thank you very much.

Room Available

Dear Christoph

Inquiry Code: 123772



Thank you for your interest in our services. Most probably the resort will be open until those dates. You can also keep in touch with us to be updated about the opening.

Kind Regards


Dizin Ski  Resort

Seille on 2/5/2020
Hi, you OK ? :) Its possible to skiing the last week of March ? :( im in teheran the 15 march.... Thx sooo much

Service Available

Dear Seille

Inquiry Code: 21286



Thank you very much for your interest in our services.

It depends on the weather. If we have enough snowfalls, it will be still open on those dates.

Kind Regards,


Dizin Ski Resort