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Dizin Ski Resort Address and Directions

English: Dizin Ski Resort, Dizin Road, Chalus Road, Tehran, Iran


کرج، جاده چالوس، دیزین، جنب پیست اسکی دیزین


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4/2/2017 10:20:32 AM

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yamagishi on 10/25/2019
Hello I’m Yamagishi. Instead planning to go dizin ski resort this winter. Please tell me when is best season for skiing in dizin? And Please tell me the operating period of the ski resort. Best regards.

Thank You

Dear yamagishi

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Thank you very much for using our services. Ski season in Iran starts in late in December and ends early in April.

In our opinion, early of January is the best to take a ski trip in Iran.

Kind Regards


Dizin Ski Resort


Anton on 4/14/2019
Hi! Is the ski resort still open? Could we pass in the next days? Thank you for your reply! Anton

Thank You

Dear Anton

Comment Code: 12827


Thank you very much for contacting us.

Yes. The ski resort is open.

Kind Regards

Ski Dizin Resort


Pinto on 2/24/2019
Hi! I would like to visit the ski resort and the hotel. Can you please send me info about disponibility for these days?

Room Not Available

Dear Pinto

Inquiry Code: 10968



Thank you very much for your interest in our services, unfortunately there is NO availability on your desired dates at your desired option. But there is availability at Gajereh Hotel in Dizin and you can book it via the link below.

Kind Regards

Dizin Ski Resort

Pakravn on 2/12/2019
Hi there are you guys open next week?

Service Available

Dear Pakravan

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Thank you very much for your interest in our services. Sure, ski resort is open next week too. 

Kind Regards,

Dizin Ski Resort

Huczko on 1/7/2018
Hi Are you planning to open this sezon? Are any other nice ski places open in Iran?? Thx Maciek

Thank You

Dear Huczko

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Thanks very much for contacting us.

None of the ski resorts in Iran have been opened yet and this depends on the climate. 

Kind Regards